Still R70-35T, R70-40T, R70-45T LPG Fork Truck Service Repair Manual Download

Still R70-35T, R70-40T, R70-45T LPG Fork Truck Service Repair Manual

This Original Factory Manual Includes Detailed Serivce Repair Information for the Still R70-35T, R70-40T, R70-45T LPG Fork Truck. It contains guidance on repair, operation and diagnostics, special instructions for repair and maintenance, instructions for installation and adjustment, assembly and disassembly instructions, step by step instructions, technical specifications, illustrations, detailed schematics and diagrams, troubleshoot and any additional information for Still R70-35T, R70-40T, R70-45T LPG Fork Truck.

Models Covered:
Still R70-35T LPG Fork Truck
Still R70-40T LPG Fork Truck
Still R70-45T LPG Fork Truck

Truck Types:
TFG R7084 R7085 R7086

Contents as Follows:
Group 01 Chassis and counterweight
Group 02 Steering axle
Group 03
Technical service data
Gear drive
Spur gearing with differential
Fitting the gear drive
Gear drive/tubular shaft
Axle shaft
Wheel hub
Group 04
Technical service data
Wheels and tyres
Group 06
Technical service data
Mode of operation
Functional description
Steering column
Steering unit
Priority valve
Steering cylinder
Group 07
Technical service data
Design/mode of operation of the brake
Brake shoe replacement/Basic adjustment
Automatic adjuster
Adjusting the parking brake
Pedal adjustment
Turning worn brake drum
Group 08
Technical service data
Electrical installation
Electrical components
Insulation test
Instrument panel
Lock switch
Travel sender (single-pedal)
Travel sender switch (single-pedal)
Two-pedal control
Brake sender
Parking brake switch
Brake fluid switch
Pressure transducer, hydraulic
Speed sensor
Emergency start switch
Cut-out valve
Coolant temperature switch/sender
Oil pressure/air cleaner/LPG pressure switch
Current sensor
Electric fan (Vengine)
Valve solenoid
Fuse base
Control fuses
Main current fuses
Starting relay
Relay tripping valve
Controller, (includes)
Travel control
Charge equaliser
Output stage for travel control
Output stage for electric fan
Controller renewal
Instrument panel renewal
Fault indication on the console (see steds/Info/error lists)
Circuit diagram (paper)
Group 09
Design of lighting installation
Status A: Controller, distributor board
Status B: Controller, relay box, distributor board
Status C: Controller, 2 x relay boxes
Relay box
Distributor board
Parameterisation of additional electrical installation via console
Combination of function blocks via console
Group 10
Technical service data
Hydraulic system
Functional description
of lift and tilt hydraulics
Control valve block
Design/Installation information
Function diagram
Connection block
Endplatte / Retarder
Way valve
Tilt/Additional hydraulics
Additional hydraulics
Control valve block
Cross-section reducer installation tilt/block seal
Shuttle valves
Sender- function/adjustment
Engine – pumps speed
Pressurising valve
Hydraulic pump
Function/removal and fitting
Hydraulic tank
Design/Oil change/Air filter
Return flow filter
Oil cooler
Hydraulic unions
Tilt cylinder and DKO unions
Pipe unions with soft seal
Hydraulic diagram
Wiring diagram
Group 11
Motor type
Neutral zone
Position of motor terminals
Connection of brush and temperature monitoring unit
Checking and replacing carbon brushes
Removing the motor
Fitting the motor
Motor disassembly
Motor assembly
Generator type
Neutral zone
Position of generator terminals
Checking and replacing carbon brushes
Removing the generator
Fitting the generator
Generator disassembly
Generator assembly
Independent air cooling
Brush monitoring unit
Temperature monitoring
General information
Insulation resistance
Insulation resistance measurement
Turning the commutator
Commutator minimum diameter
Removing commutator mica
Group 13
Technical service data
Pressure regulator I and II
Pressure regulator
Relief valve
Pressure gauge
Control valve block
Cross-section reducer installation
Pressure limitation additional hydraulics
(clamps with integrated side shift)
Group 15
Technical engine data
General engine information
V-belt Replacement and tensioning
Valve cover Fitting and removal
Rocker Fitting and removal
Valve Clearance adjustment
Cylinder head
General description
Cylinder head Fitting and removal
Alternator Fitting and removal
Coolant pump
Fitting and removal
Exhaust manifold
Coolant radiator
Control housing and control wheels
Electronic ignition system
– Description
– Advance angle sensor
– Ignition unit Removal and fitting
Group 20-Group 25
Group 20
Technical service data
Mast removal
Telescopic mast
Niho mast
Triple mast
Carriage stop/Chain adjustment
Support roller replacement
Lift cylinder
Lowering brake valve
Hose failure safety device
End position damping
Group 22
Fork carriage removal
Support roller replacement
Group 25
Tilt cylinder disassembly
Tilt cylinder assembly
Mast tilt

and a Lot More…


Model Specification: Still R70-35T, R70-40T, R70-45T LPG Fork Truck
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